Past Projects

The sites below are ones I created or worked on in the past, but no longer support. These sites have been discontinued or are now supported by the site owners or other developers.


Terra Nova Engineering

Terra Nova Engineering specializes in geotechnical, environmental and materials testing processes in Nashville, TN and surrounding areas. The company was recently bought by another firm.


Communion Dispensers

The Greenlee Communion Dispenser site was designed to be a marketing tool for the company's product. This machine eliminates tedious hours of work normally needed to fill the communion trays for Sunday services. Volunteers using this unique system can cut the time required for this task dramatically. The site included Quicktime movies that explain the setup and cleanup processes.


Keefe Montgomery

The web site for Keefe Montgomery was a site designed to enable the site owner to sell his original oil paintings and giclees. The site featured six categories and showcased his talent. Interested visitors could purchase his artwork online.


Bears & Buds

Bears&Buds Global Buyers Guide Directory/ Webzine covers every sector of the Teddy Bear world: artists, manufacturers, bear-making suppliers, Teddy Bear show & event promoters, retailers/E-commerce, wholesalers, media, collectors, and clubs & guilds.

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Bright Star Promotions

Bright Star Promotions specializes in online and in person teddy bear shows across the Midwest. The show schedule is kept up-to-date and vendors can obtain applications to the shows online. Along with the sister website, Bears and Buds, this site promotes the teddy bear collector industry. This site is currently maintained by the site owner.

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EEO Guidance

EEO Guidance Inc. provides EEO/AA/Diversity consulting services, specifically through training and workshops designed to help managers, supervisors, and employees better understand their legal and ethical responsibilities. Carol Dawson uses straight talking, interactive training and speaking sessions to educate her audience on the EEO/AA/Diversity issues. This site has been redeveloped and is currently supported by the site owner, Carol Dawson.


EEO Logic

EEO Logic specializes in helping businesses get and remain in compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action laws of the United States Department of Labor. Services preferred by many Fortune 500 companies. This site has been redesigned and is currently supported by EEO Logic.


Special Touch Catering

Special Touch Catering was a wedding reception catering company located in middle Tennessee. They provided food, flowers and decorations to make every wedding a memorable celebration. The company is no longer in business.


Pro Pick Racing

Providing professional horseracing handicapping tips is the focus of this website. Patrons can purchase handicapping tips and learn how to choose the winning horses from guys and gals that do this for a living. This company is no longer in business.


The Lyons Mane, Inc.

The Lyons Mane website featured an ecommerce application to allow site visitors to order canvas totes. These totes could be embroidered with initials, names, and clip art images.


Future Farmers of America

The Future Farmers of America site was updated to provide new content to encourage college students to get and remain involved in the activities of the organization at the college level. Among the new features added was a Chapter Locator, a Career and Internship Search process, Chapter Meeting assistance and Campus Life advice. These features are database driven elements.


Future Farmers of America - WLC Online Learning

The Washington Leadership Conference area of the Future Farmers of America site was enhanced to allow the FFA Education Center to monitor the progress of the students who attend the WLC in the summer as the students continue their education in the leadership values of the FFA.


Future Farmers of America - National Officers Project

A special project for use at the National Convention was designed and created to provide an online process for evaluating the National Officer Candidates. The candidates are interviewed by a team of judges and the scores received are entered into the system using a web based form. Weighted scores are produced from this data and the top candidates are selected as the new officers for the coming year.


Kentucky Nurses Association

The Kentucky Nurses Association is the voice of the Nursing Profession in the state of Kentucky and an advocate for quality patient care in the health care industry.


Main Street Promotions

The website for Main Street Promotions was revamped to give it a 'fun' look. The company provides promotional apparel and other materials to businesses and organizations containing their logos or tag lines. E-stores are set up for companies that want to allow employees to order these products online.


Kentucky Board of Hairdressers

The Kentucky Board of Hairdressers is a client of Mid American Control Corporation, a company I was employed by for 17 years prior to starting out on my own. I provide Cold Fusion coding assistance as needed for the agency working through Mid American Control Corporation. This site is not a public site and is used by the agency and its members to manage online licensure of cosmetologists, hairdressers and nail salons. In 2018 the agency moved this project to another platform and I no longer provide support.